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"The realistic family dynamics, focus on positive strength, and 

 unwavering affection of a very special pup make this tale worthy of a 

 curtain call." - Publishers Weekly

It’s the holiday season in Frost Ridge!

Josie usually keeps to herself at school, but the holidays are her favorite time of year, and she comes out of her shell when she and her dog, Clementine, volunteer with the kids at the local hospital. Josie loves dressing up in silly costumes, singing carols, and helping to prepare for the big Christmas Festival. That is, until she learns that this year’s Festival has been canceled.

Meanwhile, Oscar's parents’ constant fighting makes his home feel like a battlefield, and to make matters worse, he gets into trouble at school. His punishment is spending the holiday season volunteering at the Frost Ridge hospital—even though he hates Christmas.

Gabby's life seems perfect. She's stylish, smart, and everyone looks up to her… But Gabby also has a secret, one that could ruin everything. And when she winds up in the hospital, she’s sure the truth will be discovered.

Then, as if things couldn’t get worse, Josie’s beloved Clementine disappears, Oscar's parents separate, and Gabby’s secret is uncovered. Together, can Josie, Oscar, and Gabby find a way to save the holiday, or will this be the worst Christmas ever?

Daphne Benedis-Grab has created an irresistible friendship story that sparkles with humor, sweetness, and true Christmas spirit.

"Full of the type of warmth and good cheer found in favorite holiday movies Benedis-Grab’s lively tale spotlights the time-honored tradition—and can-do citizens—that make a small town great, even in the face of financial struggle."  - Publishers Weekly

"Part mystery and part holiday high jinks, this will be a little 
gift to readers"
- Booklist

"A satisfying read on many levels—misunderstandings are resolved, lessons are learned, 
friendships evolve, and positive behavior is rewarded. Be sure to have a box of tissues handy."
- School Library Journal

Every Christmas in the small town of Pine R
iver, a tree appears in the town square--the Angel Tree. Some people tie wishes to the tree, while others make those wishes come true. Nobody's ever known where the tree comes from, but the mystery has always been part of the tradition's charm.

This year, however, four kids who have been helped--Lucy, Joe, Max, and Cami--are determined to solve the mystery and find out the true identity of the town's guardian angel, so that Pine River can finally thank the person who brought the Angel Tree to their town.  This is a heartwarming Christmas mystery, full of friendship, discovery, and loads of holiday cheer!

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