About Me

I grew up in a small town in New York State.  As a kid I loved marathon phone calls with my friends, horseback riding, watching football with my dad and losing myself in a good book.  I had dreams of being a football player and then a ballerina but my fear of getting tackled and my sensitive toes ultimately made it clear I wasn’t cut out for either. 

By middle school my insatiable appetite for books and overly active imagination lead me to a love of writing and I decided I would be a writer when I grew up.  I journaled daily and wrote long, dramatic sagas with my friend Lani in beat up notebooks that we would pass back and forth at lunch, each adding a new chapter at a time.  The sagas, or more accurately soap operas, featured a mix of our celebrity and real life crushes and always had deeply poignant and satisfying endings.  

But as I grew older other things took center stage and writing fell to the wayside.  I went to a boarding high school where I got to hang out with my friends all night instead of just talking on the phone.  I got sidetracked by a new found love of history when I went to college.  Then I spent my twenties teaching English in China, building houses for Habitat for Humanity in Georgia, being a waitress in Boston and working at a tutoring center in San Francisco.  I moved to New York City when I was twenty seven and knew I had found my home.  Finding my way back to writing took a little longer. 

I was in grad school studying religion when I randomly flipped through a book I’d liked and discovered that the author went to The New School.  That’s when things began to come together.  I got a catalog from The New School and when I saw that they had an Masters of Fine Arts concentration in writing for children, bells went off.  I knew the stories I wanted to tell were for teens and middle grade readers, and I applied to The New School.  I enrolled in their MFA program in 2006 and finally began to write again. 

My first book, Alive and Well in Prague, New York, was also my thesis for the New School.  It was inspired
by my experiences when my dad was terminally ill with ALS and it came out in 2008.  After Prague I did a couple of writing for hire books under pen names and then started a thriller about a party taken hostage.  After many revisions that book became The Girl in the Wall which came out in December 2012.  My third book, The Angel Tree, is where I discovered my love of writing middle grade stories, so my follow up, Clementine for Christmas (out fall 2015) is middle grade as well.  I'm currently writing my third middle grade book, the first that will not be Christmas themed, though as Christmas is my favorite holiday, I hope to write more at some point!  

Now I live in NYC with my husband, two kids and our doted upon cat.  I spend many of my days writing, always shooting for endings that are deeply poignant and satisfying, because sometimes the things that you figure out when you’re young are the truest things there are.