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The Girl in the Wall

*A 2014 YALSA Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers selection.

*Named by Huffington Post Books as a Top Ten Book for Kids Who Hate Reading.  

"Two high school seniors re-evaluate their failed friendship under dangerous circumstances. Benedis-Grab alternates between the two girls' perspectives; nearly every chapter ends with a cliffhanger, keeping tension high. The action and high stakes should keep readers engaged." - Publishers Weekly

"Told in alternating voices... this compelling narrative includes a touch of romance.  Readers will find this mystery satisfying." - School Library Journal

"Quickly paced and without a dull moment, Benedis-Grab manages to write a disturbing, yet entertaining, novel that will entrance  future readers. Budding young romance adds an extra touch to the already thriving story line, and the will to survive makesthis an inspiring read. I recommend The Girl in the Wall to readers addicted to fast-paced storytelling and action. Benedis-Grab's novel is a must-read." -

Ariel’s birthday weekend looks o be the event of the season, with a private concert by rock star Hudson Winters on the grounds of her family’s east coast estate, and all of Ariel’s elite prep school friends in attendance. The only person who’s dreading the party is Sera, Ariel’s former best friend, whose father is forcing her to go. Sera has been the school pariah since she betrayed Ariel, and she now avoids Ariel and their former friends. Thrown together, Ariel and Sera can agree on one thing: this could be one very long night.


They have no idea just how right they are.


Only moments after the concert begins and the lights go down, thugs open fire on parents and schoolmates alike, in a plot against Ariel’s father that quickly spins out of control. As the entire party is taken hostage, the girls are forced apart. Ariel escapes into the hidden tunnels in the family mansion, where she and Sera played as children. Only Sera, who forges an unlikely alliance with Hudson Winters, knows where her friend could be. As the industrial terrorist plot unravels and the death toll climbs, Ariel and Sera must recall the sisterhood that once sustained them as they try to save themselves and each other on the longest night of their lives.

The paperback is out now and you can order it from an indie bookstore or on Amazon.  

Alive and Well in Prague, New York

A Bank Street Best Children's Book of 2008

"...excellent narrative voice, touching emotional connection and playful rural activities will take readers on their own relaxing hayride." Kirkus 

"The heroine’s strong, clear voice and heartbreaking vulnerability propel the story forward, engaging the reader from the start." Booklist

"The story provides a safe and positive alternative to teens who are hoping for happy endings in their own lives."  School Library Journal

"Grab's debut is absolutely riveting and is told with such emotion and tenderness, which made it an absolute joy to read this book."  Book Chic

"Grab's smooth, empathetic writing will easily reel in readers by the hordes as she artfully portrays the hurt of everyone knowing your business in a small town, and the joy of true friends."  The Compulsive Reader  

Matisse Osgood is a New York City girl through and through. She buys her clothes at Andy's Cheapies, watches indie films at the Angelika, and wouldn't be caught dead on a hayride. But when her father gets sick and Matisse's parents decide to leave Manhattan for a small town in upstate New York, her perfect world crumbles. As Matisse trudges through life in Prague, she dreams of waking up in her apartment on West 78th Street with a father who's well enough to walk with her in Central Park and a mother who doesn't pretend that everything is okay. When rumors surround Matisse at school and her father's symptoms worsen, Matisse realizes that the friends she's making in Prague are the kind you can count on. They help Matisse find the strength to reach out to her father, who may not be as far from her as she thought. And one particular farm boy shows Matisse that country living is a lot more magical than she ever imagined. 

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